Alternative Investments

Westport Advisory Group, LLC believes our clients are best served by investing in a balanced and diversified portfolio. To put this belief to practice we often recommend the following alternative investments to our clients. These alternative investments are used for generating income, capital appreciation or a combination of both. Securities and advisory services offered through Moloney Securities Co., Inc. Given the current economic landscape of low interest rates and the forecasts for slower economic growth, we believe they may be a very appropriate choice for the qualified investor.


Current Offerings Product Description Investment Detail


Public Non-Traded REIT

  • Focus on Office buildings and Shopping Centers
  • Texas based-Houston, Dallas and San Antonio
  • Value added approach
  • 7 % distribution
  • Income split between ordinary and capital gains
  • Operated for 31 years
  • 18 completed and profitable programs

Public Traded Holding Company

  • Purchaser of life insurance policies
  • Renewable Secured Debentures : L Bonds
  • Interest payments vary according to maturity term
  • Min investment $25000

The iSelect Fund provides early-stage venture investors with unique and unprecedented benefits:

  • Access to expertly selected private early-stage investment opportunities while piggybacking on the research, experience, and expertise of proven venture investment professionals
  • Ability to acheive diversified exposure without requiring a large minimum investment
  • A fully-transparent investment process providing investors with unparalleled access to initial and ongoing information about their individual portfolio companies from the point of initial investment through liquidity

What happens after I invest in the iSelect Fund?

As an investor in iSelect Fund you will have:

  • Daily access to the online investor portal where you will receive frequent updates on the progress of the portfolio companies
  • A dedicated investor support line that you can call any business day to have your questions answered
  • Quarterly investment statements summarizing your investments
  • Distributions that may be recieved from portfolio companies
  • Annual tax reporting statement and summary of distributions that you may have received
  • Preferred access to invest in new portfolio companies that will be added to iSelect Fund